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Acrylic Rendering Sydney

Acrylic Rendering Sydney

Acrylic Rendering Sydney is one of the best ways to enhance the appeal of your home. It’s suitable for exterior and interior applications, increasing their structural integrity, aesthetic appeal and the value of your property. There are several different rendering materials and techniques that experts like us at M&K Cement Rendering use in our projects. These applications also help mask imperfections and flaws in brickwork.

What Is Acrylic Rendering Sydney?

Acrylic render is applied similar to how sand and cement render is used on walls. However, acrylic is used in place of these materials as it improves the durability, colour-fastness and weather-resistance of the walls. Conventional renders made from sand, cement and lime are slightly more affordable than acrylic, but they also tend to develop cracks over time. This occurs due to the normal shifting of walls.

But the unique formulation used in acrylic rendering for external walls has petroleum and plastic polymers which add to its toughness and resilience. We use either the troweling or roller technique in the acrylic rendering Sydney process. The time taken to apply these thin layers (1.5- 4mm thickness) on internal or external walls is similar to that of cement rendering. However, it’s much lighter than the latter.

So if you want to render an older building or a structure with a weaker framework, acrylic rendering is the right choice. In this process, we first prepare the base using a modified cement levelling material. This creates a seamless surface on the brick/blockwork over which we then apply an acrylic render as a topcoat.

Benefits of Acrylic Brick Rendering

Acrylic rendering cost is slightly higher than sand and cement render, and it’s why property owners sometimes hesitate to opt for it. They are especially reluctant if they need to render their entire structure which would involve a significant investment.

But we would like to make you aware of some the benefits of acrylic rendering Sydney that make it an excellent option regardless of the size of the structure and the number of walls to be rendered. Let’s take a look at what these are:


Acrylic in itself is a very resilient material, and with proper maintenance, it can provide years of service because it isn’t prone to cracking like cement renders. The plastic polymer content in the acrylic render lends flexibility to the surfaces, and it allows for natural contraction and expansion of the walls underneath it.

Weather Resistance

This render is far more weather-resistant than conventional rendering products. It won’t allow moisture to permeate into the block or brickwork underneath neither will it become damaged nor fade under the harsh summers that we experience in Australia. It also has a breathable quality which allows moisture to escape, which means the structure isn’t impacted in any way.


This is arguably one of the most significant benefits of acrylic render. It is suitable for application on all types of surfaces including cement, block, brickwork and concrete walls as well as plasterboard and fibre cement surfaces.

This makes it an extremely versatile material that you can use in the indoor and outdoor areas of your property. It is ideal for swimming pool rendering Sydney and bathroom rendering Sydney projects too. Regardless of where it is used, acrylic render performs well and is exceptionally reliable.

Different Textures and Finishes

When it comes to acrylic rendering Sydney, there are various options to choose from including rough, coarse and smooth. Coarse and rough finishes work well on exterior walls and features while internal walls look better with the smoother finishes. Since it contains a composite, acrylic rendering can be trowelled or rolled onto the wall surfaces, and we can also spray this material onto walls.

Straightforward Application

Acrylic render application is far easier than polystyrene rendering Sydney and its curing time is faster than cement rendering Sydney. Also, acrylic render material cures much faster than traditional cement render.

Value for money

Also, acrylic is more durable than cement and requires less maintenance too. We use the latest techniques and tools in our work, so you have correctly rendered walls within a matter of days. It means less of a hassle for you and the project becomes more affordable as well.

Acrylic Render Colours

You can choose from acrylic renders of different colours. We mix special dyes to give it the colour and tint you prefer. It also means that you need fewer paint coats to get the wall colours of your choice. We recommend that clients opt for tinted acrylic rendering as it means your walls have fewer layers on them.

It also saves you money on painting costs, which is another benefit worth mentioning. If you want to spruce up the appearance and condition of an older or weaker structure, while maintaining its integrity, acrylic rendering Sydney is something you should consider.

We have over 15 years of industry experience, and our team is here to guide your choices.  For any more information about acrylic rendering a brick wall or repairing cement render walls, feel free to call M&K Cement Rendering at 0410 821 735 or send us your requirements via this Contact Us form.

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